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Michael Love

Michael Love

Conference Organizer

Michael Love was born in Brooklyn New York and moved to San Diego at the age of 15. He has taught mathematics at Mount Miguel High School from 1993 to 2020. He also taught advanced mathematics and statistics in the San Diego State Upward Bound Math/Science Program from 1994 to 2007. During his tenure at Mount Miguel, he served as the AVID coordinator for three years, as advisor of the African-American Student Union for three years, as chair of the math department for ten years and has served as co-advisor of the Student African-American Brotherhood since its founding at Mount Miguel in January 2005. In 2003 he was honored by Mount Miguel students with a Golden Apple Award. The UCSD Teacher Recognition program, the National Society of High School Scholars, the National Honor Society and Who’s Who in America also have recognized him as an outstanding teacher. In 2008, the San Diego State University Student African American Brotherhood chapter presented him with its Distinguished Leader Award. For the school year 2009-2010, he was selected as Teacher of the Year for Mount Miguel High School and the Grossmont Union High School District. He was further recognized for teaching excellence when chosen as a San Diego County Teacher of the Year for 2010. In 2017 he was recognized as a finalist for the 10 News Community Leadership award for his planning and organization of this conference over many years.

Mr. Love holds a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science, a master’s degree in Education, a Certification in Diverse and Cross-Cultural Teaching. He is currently a lecturer in the School of Teacher Education at San Diego State University and is the Founder/CEO of Love Power Educational Consultants, a diverse group of male educators committed to improving educational outcomes and experiences for young men and women of color and their parents/guardians. 

KEYNOTE: Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe

KEYNOTE: Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe

SAAB – Founder/CEO

Dr. Bledsoe is the founder of Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB), a national organization established to enhance the experiences of and instill a “spirit of care” in African American males in high schools, colleges and universities around the country. Dr. Bledsoe served as Vice President for Student Life and Special Assistant to the President at The University of Toledo as well as various other positions for institutions of higher education.

After leaving the position of Vice President for Student Life and Special Assistant to the President at The University of Toledo, he transitioned to the role of Executive Director of the SAAB National Headquarters.

Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe resides in Springfield, Missouri. He was born and raised in Grenada, Mississippi. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master’s of Education degree from Mississippi State University. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling and Student Affairs Administration from the University of Georgia; and was chosen as the Outstanding Doctoral Student in the State of Georgia and was most recently recognized as the Outstanding Doctoral Alumnus by the University of Georgia. He is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. and is very active in the arena of higher education. Dr. Bledsoe is highly recognized by several professional associations for his research, publications, presentations and scholarly work.

  • He is a contributing author to “African American Men in College”, Jossey-Bass Publisher.
  • In 1999, Dr. Bledsoe was invited to Oxford, England to serve as a guest lecturer to discuss his work with African American males at the Oxford University Roundtable Institute, which is sponsored by the British Council.
  • Bledsoe was invited to join an international research team to address issues around men of color in Europe, Trinidad, Barbados and the Bahamas.
  • Has appeared on talk shows such as “Perfect Union” hosted by Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. to discuss his work involving African American and Latino Males. He is deemed as one of the most gifted and dynamic motivational speakers by the thousands who have heard him speak.
  • Chosen as one of the most outstanding social innovators in the world by the Ashoka International Organization. He is a very spiritual and thought-provoking lecturer.
  • Most importantly to him, he is the father of three adult sons, Tyrone  Jr., Exon and Ronnie.
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mayor Racquel Vasquez

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Mayor Racquel Vasquez

    Mayor Lemon Grove

    Racquel Vasquez proudly serves the City of Lemon Grove as a historic Mayor. She is the first African American Female Mayor to be elected in both the City of Lemon Grove and County of San Diego. 

    Public service has long been important to the California State University, Northridge graduate. Prior to serving on the Lemon Grove City Council, Mayor Vasquez was an active Lemon Grove community member, serving in various community groups, associations and City task forces. This is where her passion for public service grew. 

    Mayor Vasquez has worked in City government, as a professional, for nearly two decades in public relations. She prides herself on putting people and community first. Mayor Vasquez has pinpointed three key priorities to focus on in her four-year term: public safety, economic development and infrastructure improvements.

    Mayor Vasquez has been married for over 25 years and has two daughters.

    Michael D. Love

    Michael D. Love

    Michael D. Love is a graduate of Mount Miguel High School, as well as an alumnus of
    San Diego State University gaining his Bachelor’s in Political Science in 2009 and his
    Masters in Educational Counseling in 2011.

    The majority of his professional experience
    has come in education, holding previous positions in the EOP office at San Diego State
    and working in San Diego area high schools with Cal-SOAP. As an assistant professor of
    counseling at Riverside City College he is currently working to expand his network and
    continue his professional and educational endeavors.

    Along with his best friend and
    business partner, he co-founded We Will Rise, an organization created for the education
    and empowerment of black men through community dialogue and community building in
    San Diego. Looking forward he would like to become a publisher author, a professional
    motivational speaker and to return to college for his doctorate.

    Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

    A graduate of The illustrious historically black college, Hampton University, in the field of sociology, Joe Smith takes a unique approach to understanding people, cultures, and the demographics that impact education. 

    Working in education for over 15 years, in many capacities, Joe is known as a K-12 Swiss Army Knife. A husband and father to five, Joe Smith is best known as LineBackerDAD. Striving to increase parent engagement through unique experiences of interaction and disguised learning, Joe travels the states engaging youth, fathers, and father figures. Now residing in San Diego, California, Joe’s unique perspective of serving and leading engagement across schools and districts in northern, central, and southern California, offer a unique lens into being a servant leader for students, parents, schools and the community at large.

    Student African American Brotherhood of San Diego State University

    Student African American Brotherhood of San Diego State University

    Of the events that SAAB puts on every year, 5 major events include the Powderpuff game put on for the sisters, helping at the YMCA for the annual Halloween event, the SAAB Talent show, and the SAAB Signature Program, in which the brothers hold a dinner for members/students, faculty/staff, and other organizations that have supported them. They take this time to reflect on the events of the year, recognized outstanding students/faculty, and officially announce the new executive board for the upcoming year. The last major event is the annual Young Men’s Leadership Conference at Mount Miguel high School, which SAAB has been supporting since the first conference in 2006. Other events also include leadership conferences, retreats, luncheons with faculty and staff, and intramural athletic teams. As well as the weekly meetings and discussions, they facilitate business professional meetings, social activities, and community service with various organizations in the community. The weekly meetings will range from topics including hip-hop culture and black identity to faculty/guest speaker led discussions. They also include some lighthearted topics such as dating advice and general tips and tricks that everyone could benefit from knowing.
    Rashid Hill

    Rashid Hill

    Rashid Hill is a US Air Force veteran and graduate of Saint Leo University with a BA in Sociology and minor in Human Resource Administration.  A certified Strategic Intervention and Relationship Coach and certified Master Project Manager by American Academy of Project Management.  Rashid has worked with the Department of Defense for over 28 years in the Transportation and Logistics field.  He is also the founder of L3 Coaching Solutions and the Veteran Entrepreneur Startup Solution Group.  He’s an author, trainer, investor and personal development consultant.

    Rashid specializes in uncovering human potential and guiding individuals and teams to achieve high performance using his H.E.R.O. coaching methodology. As a committed advocate of self-improvement, he is focused on developing relevant courses to educate more people on the value of financial education, human needs psychology and emotional intelligence.  As an author and speaker, Rashid has had the privilege of sharing his dynamic message since 2009.  Rashid is also internationally known for his Personal and Professional Development book titled “8 Ways to be 10x Better” as well as a thought provoking paper titled “What is the Seed of High Achievement in Peak Performers”.

    TEAM WATKINS: Lavar J. Watkins & Kristina H. Watkins

    TEAM WATKINS: Lavar J. Watkins & Kristina H. Watkins

    Co-Founders and Presidents: LKW STEM FOUNDATION A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

    Lavar J. Watkins and Kristina H. Watkins, known affectionally as “TEAM WATKINS,” are passionate and involved educators in San Diego County. Lavar J. Watkins is a full-time School Counselor/Department Chair in the Grossmont Union High School District (GUHSD), and Kristina H. Watkins is a full-time Science Teacher in the Lemon Grove School District (LGSD). They both love and enjoy having the opportunity to inspire and motivate students through their crafts of teaching and counseling. Lavar and Kristina co-founded the 501(c)(3) nonprofit “Learning Knowledge Worldwide STEM Foundation,” which provides innovative after-school, weekend, and summer STEM workshops. LKW STEM Foundation exists to provide opportunities through “STEM Education” that will inspire “Future STEMologists” during their K-12 education to pursue STEM career pathways. They believe all students will be able to “sySTEMically” impact our world as the next generation of innovative thinkers, creators, and developers. TEAM WATKINS also actively works as summer camp “STEAM Directors” for the organization “Hands-on Technology Education,” which is committed to empowering K-12 students by providing learning goals, opportunities, and activities that are tailored specifically for students to engage in hands-on application of mobile technology and the practical application of computer and electrical engineering concepts. TEAM WATKINS extensively travels worldwide, inspiring students, staff, businesses, and various community stakeholders about the importance of learning and applying STEM concepts and content to everyday life. LKW STEM Foundation’s motto is: “Let’s Change the World…One “STEMtastical” Experience at a Time”! 

    Lavar J. Watkins expertise and passion is in the field of Workforce Development, Counseling, Therapy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education. He has provided educational guidance, social/emotional counseling, college/university planning, and career & academic development. He also assists individuals towards the goal of successful pathways and placement for sustainable employment in various STEM fields. Lavar Watkins has worked with numerous groups charged with stimulating local economic growth, creating educational programs, and furthering participation in career technical education in STEM disciplines through coordination with local high schools, colleges, universities, military installations, and corporations. Lavar Watkins’ educational background consists of extensive course work in the discipline of Chemical Engineering, a B.S. in Workforce Education and Development, a M.A. in Teaching with a specialization in Educational Technology, a M.S. in Educational Counseling, a Pupil Personnel Services Credential with a School Counseling and Child Welfare & Attendance Authorization, a Workforce Development Career Counseling Certification, a STEM Education Certification, a current State of California Associate Professional Clinical Counselor (APCC) with the pursuit of the State of California full Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) licensure, a Primary Certification in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), and a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction. Lavar Watkins serves as a trustee on several educational governing boards. He is an active member of the League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers. He serves as an at large member for the San Diego County Urban League Education Youth and Advisory Board and has recently served as an at-large member of the San Diego Employment Advisory Council (SDEAC), BIOCOM Education Subcommittee and is currently an active member on several Educational STEM/STEAM Council’s and various local Chambers of Commerce. Lavar Watkins also coaches Speech & Debate (Forensics), Cross Country, and Track & Field teams. Lavar Watkins is also a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and is an Honorably Discharged Veteran of the United States Navy.


    Kristina H. Watkins innovatively provides engaging and exciting experiences with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) content in and outside of the classroom, up and down the California coast for over the past decade! Kristina Watkins has taught in a plethora of environments: in classrooms at private, public, charter schools; weekend workshops; summer camps and conferences. She has traveled the world, taught at International Schools, and understands the value of a “global mindset” constantly reminding her students to perform with academic excellence because their competition is NOT in the seat next to them. Kristina Watkins’ educational philosophy is that “Learning and Laughter are NOT Mutually Exclusive!” Her covert objective is helping students to fall in love with the learning process so that they can pursue whatever content they find the most fulfilling! A lifelong learner herself, Kristian Watkins’ educational background consists of a B.A. in Biology; a M.A. in Teaching with a specialization in Global Education; a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in STEM Education; California Single Subject Teaching Credential in Foundational Level General Science, pursuing additional supplementary authorization in Foundational Level Mathematics and Computer Science Education; with the ultimate goal of completing her Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Middle School Education. Kristina Watkins has served as a STEM content specialist in various capacities for several organizations including: The San Diego County Urban League Education Youth and Advisory Board; The San Diego Chapter, The Links Inc. – Links to STEM Program; The League of Extraordinary Scientists and Engineers; The San Diego’s Women’s Hackathon; The San Diego STEAM Makers Fest; the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering; and The Greater San Diego Science & Engineering Fair.

    Malcolme Morgan

    Malcolme Morgan

    Malcolme Morgan is a native of San Diego, CA. He is the author and illustrator of several children’s books, including one rap along story titled I Should Have Never Joined a Gang. Brother Malcolme, as he is called by community members, is also an organizer at Pillars of the Community and an outreach person for The Movement Enrichment Program. Brother Malcolme is an expert in the fields of mass incarceration, criminal behavior, and rehabilitation. His passion is advocating for those who don’t have a voice and assisting those who are poor and oppressed.
    Mohamed Abdi

    Mohamed Abdi

    Mohamed Abdi received his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a Minor in Business Management from California State University Dominguez Hills. He holds a master’s degree in Postsecondary Educational Leadership from San Diego State University (SDSU) and is currently pursuing his second master’s in education with a Concentration in Counseling with a Certificate of Trauma-Informed Care and Mental Health Recovery at San Diego State University. He currently serves as an Academic Success Coach at SDSU. Since 2017, Mohamed has been working as a research associate with Community College Equity Assignment Lab (CCEAL) at SDSU. His contributions include reports that shed light on inequities in education in school throughout California. He co-authored on several reports, one of them being, “Five Critical Facts Outside Looking in: Suspension as a form of exclusion in San Diego County,” focusing on disciplinary practices in San Diego County for Black males. Mohamed has an immense interest focus on academic research, counseling, and the relational interaction between students and educators.
    Curtis Mcniel

    Curtis Mcniel

    Mr. McNiel is a motivational speaker entrepreneur that has been in the music business for twenty years.  He is an independent artist and event coordinator.  The is a photographer and personal barber. Mr. McNiel is the one behind Today’s Rapper Magazine and a few other publications.  He is the founder of H.Code; a movement that focuses on the evolving state of people.  Educating about everyday growth.  The three main components are human code; the character development/relationships, the hustle; the accumulation of education and work ethics, The holiness; ownership and accountability of one’s actions. Mr. McNiel’s business is Life and Music.

    In addition to this, he runs a small farm in Spring Valley, California.  He provides the experience of nature for those who want to visit and interact with his animals.

    For booking or inquiries feel free to contact him at:
    (619) 646-4619
    Music on All major platforms
    Google: Curtis M1 McNiel
    For Today’s Rapper Magazine google: Hcodepresents

    Raymond Mai

    Raymond Mai

    Raymond Mai is a first generation Asian American who grew up in Southeast San Diego and currently resides in Los Angeles. Mai’s background consists of community service and outreach, education / policy advocacy, advancement of college affordability & accessibility programs, promotion of financial literacy, corporate finance, and music. He graduated from Mount Miguel High School in 2011 and UCLA in 2015.

    During Mai’s time at UCLA, he served as a community leader and advocate; notable accomplishments include developing a Financial Literacy Program to teach personal finance concepts, co-establishing Commuter and Textbook Student Scholarships, serving on the UCLA Academic Senate on the Academic Freedom Committee, advocating for a UC System 2-Year Tuition Freeze, and overseeing on-campus, academic retention programs.

    In 2015, Mai consulted for the international education non-profit, AVID, on the charter of over 10 AVID student organizations at various college campuses, including UCLA, SDSU, UCSD, etc. In 2016, Mai was invited to join the Order of the Golden Bruin, an honorary organization for those who have provided exemplary service to UCLA. In the same year, Mai founded and became the CEO of Leadership and Education for All Foundation (LEAF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides academic and professional mentorship & related resources for college students from underprivileged communities.

    Professionally, Mai worked at BCMS for 3 years as an Investment Banking Analyst. During his time at BCMS, Mai worked with various business shareholders on the sale of their business; he closed a total of 4 major deals during his tenure. In 2018, he joined Universal Music Group’s Corporate Development & Strategy team to work on investment & artist deals as well as business strategy initiatives. Throughout his professional career, Mai has worked on 50+ deals in combined value of over $100 million.

    Mai is also an independent hip-hop artist and goes by the moniker “MACKmai.” In September 2019, he released his debut album, Made In America. The album reveals his experiences as an Asian American growing up in a low income community while struggling to assimilate in the community when he moved to West Los Angeles.

    Mai currently serves the Southeast San Diego and Los Angeles communities as a consultant for community programs and developing grassroots initiatives to promote academic & professional success.

    Armand King

    Armand King

    Armand King, Program Director, Paving Great Futures: Armand King, 38, is the co-founder of the aptly named non-profit ‘Paving Great Futures’. Fueled by his experience in the streets King serves as a shepherd to guide others out of the prison pipeline, criminal activity, and domestic human sex trafficking he knows all too well.  Armand’s experience includes creating and implementing new programs serving current and former gang members, criminal justice involved individuals, and high-risk youth.  Armand serves on boards and task forces on law enforcement relations, human trafficking, and victim advocacy issues. He conducts community outreach for high risk communities.  He also serves as a Credible Messenger and Mentor to young adults and juveniles on probation and in custody.  Armand draws upon his direct experience with the criminal justice system, including incarceration and the challenges of re-entry, to guide others.  For many years he was misguided by the streets and helped to misguide others, not realizing the detriment of his actions. Life for him is now filled with rewriting his past but helping others pave a greater future.
    United Women of East Africa

    United Women of East Africa

    UWEAST is a San Diego nonprofit providing health services, education and advocacy for the well-being of the East African community, women and families. 

    A community-based organization comprised of approximately 100 East African women, we operate the East African Cultural and Community Center in City Heights and offer programs and services with the goal of responding to the overlooked health needs of East African women and their families.

    UWEAST’s mission is to be a force for culturally competent health services, education, and advocacy for the well-being of the East African community. We are meeting the overwhelming physical and mental health-related needs of East African refugee women and families primarily in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego.

    Information about UWEAST may be found at: https://www.uweast.org

    On behalf of the Brother 2 Brother club, we thank the United Women of East Africa for their generous donation which will be used to cover expenses related to this event.

    Timothy Duane Shaw

    Timothy Duane Shaw

    Timothy Duane Shaw was born in Los Angeles, California, but was raised in the home of his grandparents in Alexandria, Louisiana for most of his elementary school years.  Tim completed his education and graduated from Garey High School in Pomona, California. After graduation from high school Tim attended Chaffey Community College and Mount San Antonio Community Colleges before transferring to San Diego State University in 1981.  Tim has served as a member of the public education system for 30 years.

    • Bachelors of Arts Degree from San Diego State University (Elementary Education)
    • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential – San Diego State University
    • Master of Arts Degree – San Diego State University (Middle School Instruction and Curriculum)
    • Pupil Personal Services Credential (School Counseling Credential)- University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
    • Teacher: Madison Elementary – 2 years –  Pomona Unified School District
    • Teacher: Horace Mann Middle School 11 years – San Diego Unified School District
    • Counselor: Wangehiem Middle School (Mira Mesa) 2 years
    • Counselor: Crawford High School (15 years)

    In May of 2002, Timothy Shaw was selected through an interview process to serve out the remaining term of a school board member for the Lemon Grove School District and was elected by the voters of Lemon Grove in November of 2002 to serve as a member of the Lemon Grove School Board; making him the first person of color to be elected to a public office in the city of Lemon Grove. Timothy Shaw has been re-elected three times and continue to serve as a member of the Lemon Grove School Board.

    Timothy Shaw is a member of the Bayview Baptist Church in San Diego where he is the Director of Christian Enrichment and is an instructor and servant for The Usher Ministry.

    Timothy has been married for 28 years to his wife, Toni, and they have 3 daughters: Lisha, a 2013 graduate of California State University, Sacramento (Sac State) and is in her second year of teaching Physical Education for the San Diego Unified School District. Daughter, Micah, a 2014 graduate of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and is a grad student studying to become a dentist.  Kayla a 2014 graduate of Helix Charter High School is in her second year attending University of California, Irvine (UCI).

    Dr. Robert W. Strong

    Dr. Robert W. Strong

    I am a preacher of the Gospel, I earn a living as a Technical Writer, and I am a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord at the age of 21. After earning a B.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology at the University of Dayton, I relocated to Inglewood, CA and began working as a Technical Writer at Hughes Aircraft Company in Long Beach. In 1983, I met my bride-to-be, Teri. We were married on July 14, 1984. Teri is a college math instructor. We are proud of our three children: Erin, aka ‘Lil Doc,’ is a surgeon, Jordan is in the Air Force, and Justin is working in the music industry.

    From 2000 to 2010, I taught Bible classes at a Christian High School, Arrowhead Christian Academy. In 2002, I earned a Master of Divinity degree. In 2013, I earned a Doctorate of Ministry degree, receiving the Doctoral Research Excellence Award from the faculty of Talbot School of Theology. I currently exercise my passion for process, procedures and the printed text as a technical writer. I also seek to help churches grow through proven church growth principles. I was blessed to teach Bible at a Christian High School for over 10 years. I am thrilled today to help Young Men clarify their direction in life.

    “Your success as a Young Man is our success as a society.”

    Minister Corey Scales, Sr.

    Minister Corey Scales, Sr.

    I am a man of faith, family and fellowship. I am committed to my local church and community, utilizing my time, talents and treasures to testify of the good news of God’s G.R.A.C.E. (God’s Righteousness At Christ’s Expense)! I endeavor to help others to be good stewards over their spiritual, physical, personal and financial responsibilities. As a licensed financial professional of 20+ years I look to help business owners, families and individuals with proven strategies for financial Recovery, Stability, Sustainability and Growth. My life’s mission is to make a difference that matters in the lives of people. Significance over Success!
    Jay Bowser

    Jay Bowser


    Jay co-founded Paving Great Futures as a credible messenger guided by his passion to mentor and driven by a focus on social equity.  He has a deep and personal understanding of the challenges faced by former gang members and other system-affected individuals. His history, experiences and expertise in these fields have earned him seats on prestigious committees such as the Prop 47 Local Advisory Committee and the Citizens Advisory Board. Jay is a living example of how with wrap around services support and mentoring you can become a productive member of society. He has shown this by obtaining his financial license and working as a financial advisor with Mass Mutual although he came from the same underserved community and faced overwhelming challenges as many of the participants Paving Great Futures he now sets an example that change for the better is possible and necessary.
    Dr. Jerome C. Payton

    Dr. Jerome C. Payton

    Organizational Development Training & Management

    Dr. Jerome C. Payton was born in Norfolk, Virginia. As a young child, his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland where he was raised with four sisters and a brother.

    Dr. Payton attended Southern High School where he was an honors student who loved to read and write. After their parents’ divorce when Dr. Payton was just six-years old, he and his siblings quickly became a single-parent household led by his fearless mother, Josephine.

    Knowing that resources were limited, Dr. Payton got his first paid job when he was thirteen-years old so that he could assist his family.

    Motivated by a desire to stay away from neighborhood gangs and other trouble, Dr. Payton played basketball and ran track, spent time with friends, read novels and watched funny movies. His favorite extra-curricular activity was always playing basketball and long distance running.

    In 1982, Dr. Payton joined the United States Navy. He wanted to serve his country while learning new skills and obtaining his college degrees. While in the Navy, he traveled around the world visiting places like Japan, China, Spain, France, Australia, and many countries located on the African continent.

    While in the Navy, he received his bachelor’s degrees from the University of Maryland in Political Science and Finance, and his master’s in Public Administration from National University.

    He back to school to received his PhD from Alliant International University in Educational Leadership and Management.

    During his twenty-three year career in the U.S. Navy, Dr. Payton lead over 400 male and female sailors as Aviation Maintenance and Production Control Senior Chief. He also directed training of civilian and military personnel as the lead Equal Opportunity Senior Chief Petty Officer.

    Dr. Payton retired from the U.S. Navy in 2006. During his twenty-three years of active service, Dr. Payton received many of the Navy’s highest awards given to enlisted personnel including several Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medals, and innumerable community service awards.

    Currently, Dr. Payton works for the Federal Government as an Instructional Systems Specialist in the Organizational Development and Training Department. He is the Manager of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Funds for Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, Point Loma, CA.

    There, he is responsible for managing the additional training funds for 2,600 engineers and Acquisition Workforce personnel. 

    In addition he teaches High Performance Organizations in the workplace; Emotional Intelligence; Speed of Trust Foundations, The 7-Habits of Highly Effective People, Organizational Leadership, Human Resources, Urban Economics, Aviation Safety.

    In addition, he enjoys working as an adjunct professor teaching courses Non Profit Management; Political Science; American Government and Business Management.

    When he is not working, Dr. Payton enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Pamela and daughter, Briajah. A passionate North Carolina Tar Heel fan, Payton loves watching UNC basketball, and the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. Whenever possible, the family enjoys traveling.

    Mr. Payton can be reached at: jerome.payton44@gmail.com or jerome.payton@navy.mil.

    Rev. Jared B. Moten

    Rev. Jared B. Moten

    Rev.  Jared B. Moten is the proud Pastor of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church.   He has served in this capacity for four years.  In addition to his serving as Ebenezer’s Pastor, he also serves as the Director of Evangelism for the Southwest District Association of San Diego and the Director of Evangelism for Western Baptist Start Convention of California.

    Prior to becoming the Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Rev Moten was a faithful laborer in the Ministry of the Lord.  He began preaching in Chicago IL, at Greater Omega Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Ira Wheaton Sr. in 2003.  Upon relocation to San Diego, CA Pastor Moten joined Bethel Memorial AME Church.  He was active in the Prayer Ministry under the direction of Rev. C. B Johnson, and a member of MOB, Men Of Bethel Men’s Ministry. For nearly 3 years he was under the leadership and direction of Rev. Antony Hughes.

    Upon the Lord’s direction, Rev. Moten became the Assistant Pastor at New Assurance Baptist Church under the direction of Pastor Rickey Laster.  While at New Assurance, the Lord was preparing Rev. Moten for his future, as he served in many capacities:  Assistant Pastor, Leader of the Youth Department and Prayer Warrior.

    Pastor Moten heads a Mentoring Program called CIPC (pronounced Sip C), which stands for Connecting, Interacting, Planning and Changing.  This program has been adopted by the Grossmount Union School District at Mount Miguel High School in Spring Valley CA.  CIPC is designed to make a lasting positive impact on the lives of Black, Brown and Poor Youth.  Pastor Moten gives youth a real understanding of the value of education and how it can positively change their lives.

    Among Pastor Moten’s greatest accomplishments is being the father of three dynamic children Chenoa Mari, Jared Brandon & Jordyn Reese Moten.